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António Monteiro

translyricism design 2009


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I remember the stories they used to tell me, 
about how beautiful and powerful she was.
She was a goddess amongst mortal men.
Every slight sound she made was a pure as an angel resting on her shoulder.
Every whisper she spoke, brought passion and clarity
to all those fortunate enough to hear her voice.
But that is no longer. Those are just stories from the past.
I see the way they treat her now, the way the disrespect and take advantage of her.
They used her for their own personal gain, success and pain.
They tricked her into thinking it was all done for love,
But really, it was done for money.
They say money is the root of all evil, but I know its people.
It's people who have carried out these treacherous crimes against her.
It is people who have tried to suck, and nearly drained the blood of her soul.
Her name is Art. She was once innocent, perfect.
But now I fear for the worst.
The day they drained her of all her blood, will be the day Art dies


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